Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NEWS: Elizabeth Zechel's debut, Is There a Mouse in the Baby's Room makes the BookCourt Bestseller's list!

Best Sellers … 15 September, 2008
BookCourt Best Sellers

September 15, 2008 20% off list price

Children’s Hardcover & Paperback

IS THERE A MOUSE IN THE BABY’S ROOM. Elizabeth Zechel. Lark Books. $9.95. Our Price $7.96.
TWILIGHT. Stephanie Meyer. Little, Brown. $10.99. Our Price $8.79.
NEW MOON. Stephanie Meyer. Little, Brown. $10.99. Our Price $8.79.
GALLOP. Rufus Seder. Workman. $12.95. Our Price $10.36.
PAPA PLEASE GET THE MOON FOR ME Board Book. Eric Carle. Macmillan $10.99. Our Price $8.79.
I LIVE IN BROOKLYN. Mari Takabayashi. Houghton Mifflin. $16. Our Price $12.80.
HUG Board Book. Jez Alborough. Candlewick. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.
KNUFFLE BUNNY. Mo Willems. Hyperion. $15.99. Our Price $12.78.
BARACK OBAMA. Roberta Edwards. Putnam. $3.99. Our Price $3.19.
SUBWAY Board Book. Anastasia Suen. Penguin. $6.99. Our Price $5.59.