Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Michael: The Author Blog


  1. Funny stuff. I didn't know that anacondas ate people. But I did know that a python can eat a wallaby, because I saw a picture of that. It was graphic. Also. I checked out your blog. http://michaelnorthrop.net
    Again. Funny stuff. I liked the photo of you and the Stanley Cup. Quite a literary feat. What's next? The America's Cup?

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Thanks! It's actually not at all clear if anacondas do eat people, though there's a famous picture of one that died trying (it's likely the guy was already dead when the snake found him and absolutely certain that it couldn't get its mouth past his shoulders). I've just written enough about anacondas and people (and I guess eating) that my site is one of the first that comes up.

    I also get a lot of people searching for stuff on Fraggle Rock because of one post I wrote comparing the construction workers outside my window to Doozers. I'm not picky, but I feel like the anaconda people are more likely to buy my book!

  3. That should read "Hi Kristen," of course (and even then, I should probably put a comma in there). Sorry about that, Kristen. Feel free to call me Northrop!